UKCIG sites

Below you will see a list of UKCIG related sites that are operated by the mother company.  Given the experiences that we have all had and the anonymous interest we have shown in these other companies we know that they are all part of the complexed international scam that UKCIG have in place to extort money from eager investors.

Ask yourself - why would a company be run out of a country that has very few maintainable laws and sell properties overseas and then openly advertise that your investment is not protected under the local laws, this is because you are not protected and are being conned; remember the rule 'if a deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is', we have all learned the hard way and we hope we can help you to not make the same mistake.



Adam Covell Architects

A confusing site of 'professionals' on the domain linked to UKCIG

A selection of the forums consisting of many investors who have been conned by UKCIG and Bally Chohans projects and cannot get answers

News articles on UKCIG and Bally Chohan

Arabian Business - Investigate Balindra Chohan who was struck off from trading in the UK by the FSA

Marina star completion bt Q1 2011 - hasn't happened

A false press release, none of this has materialised and notice it is not signed with a name