Baljinder Chohan


Baljinder/Bally Chohan (left) and his business cohorts: Abhay Chadha (centre) and Abdul Murad (right) are people who can only move and operate in the shadows, they are aware of their cruel intentions with every devious project they establish and show total disregard for the trail of financial distress they leave behind for individuals.  Chohan et al leave little or no trace of themselves on the internet and the above photographs have only recently been anonymously sent to us, if you have higher resolution ones please feel free to send them to us via the contact page and they will be put up immediately.

There are many rumours circulating to the continued existence of UKCIG, some suggest that they have vanished with thousands of pounds of investors money, and some that they have down-sized from their plush offices in Emaar Square (that have been funded by investors money), but one thing is certain, Bally Chohan will continue to establish new companies and continue to fence his fraudulent activities under new company names and localities until he is stopped.  His newest project that has recently come to light is in Abu Dhabi, a link to this is below - Crown Estates England. DO NOT PUT ANY MONEY INTO THIS COMPANY OR YOU WILL LOSE IT!

BALJINDER CHOHANS RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS (as advised on the 15/04/2011)

Date of birth - 9th April 1975

L77, Palm Jumeriah


United Arab Emirates

A lot more information on Chohan and his devious schemes, please read these sites and their contents particularly 'Simplyinvest-beware' which outlines Chohans many schemes through which he has conned thousands and thousands of pounds out of innocent investors, it is staggering how the authorities do very little to stop this person.

Bally Chohans registration details for UKCIG

CREDITORS REPORT ON CHOHAN AND UKLI (opens in browser and downloads as a PDF)