Without prejudice - You will have arrived at this site because you have searched for information on UKCIG, UKLI or any other project associated with Baljinder (Bally) Chohan.  This site has been created by a group of 100+ international investors who individually invested large sums of personal money into projects that UKCIG sold from 2006-08, and continue to sell through local companies that have appeared and disappeared such as Berkeley Estates and Portmill Estates. These developments were contractually sold with different completion dates, and still 2 years after some of these deadlines have long passed the projects have not even been started.  Despite many investors in the group visiting Dubai and the Emirates, contacting local authorities, politicians, police, embassies, pursuing legal investigations with solicitors and barristers, FSA authorities, you name it we have contacted them to try and get some answers, over the past two years we have consistently been met with a wall of silence to the simple questions A. what will happen with these developments, continued legitimacy of the company, if it actually still exists and B. where our personal money is for the projects METROPOLIS LOFTS, THE CAVENDISH and MARINA STAR that we all invested into.  We continue (as we have for 2 years) to receive no answers or explanations from UKCIG, RERA, ARRA, TAMWEEL, NAKHEEL or any other 'organisations' that we repeatedly attempt dialogue with.

UKCIG is one entity of a large empire under one man Baljinder (Bally) Chohan who has conned hundreds of people out of many thousands of pounds when they have been sold a dream investment that will have a positive yield for them when completed, which never happens, Chohans companies include UKCIG, UKLI, Crown Estates England and many others internationally.  Chohan is currently under investigation by the UK FSA and a case will be heard shortly on UKLI which is now in liquidation with Deloitte (the link at the end gives an insight into this appalling character).  This however would only stop Chohan practicing in England (the Global community is very selective on exactly what it is global about), so he will still be able to go to any other country and start another company to con people again, even by selling property or land in England (or elsewhere) that doesn't exist. You will note that the Terms & Conditions of all of Chohans companies read as 'UKCIG is not regulated by any regulatory authority or governmental agency including but not limited to the Financial Services Authority in the UK, The Securities and Exchange Commission in the USA, the UAE Central Bank, the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority, the Dubai Financial Services Authority, the Central Brank of Bahrain, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry or the Central Bank of Kuwait, under the laws of the Sultanate of Oman, the Saudi Arabia Capital Market Authority or the Qatar Financial Markets Authority.  UKCIG is not authorised to give investment or offer products to the public as a result, clients of UKCIG will not benefit from any regulatory protections'.  This basically means that if you give money to any of Chohans companies, you will have no protection, they can do as they wish with it, you have no comeback and you will never hear from them again.

This websites aim is to stop anyone else ever investing into a company run by this man so he suffers financial strangulation and his 'life of luxury' that he leads on other peoples money is put to an end.  The feeble and somewhat corrupt 'regulatory bodies' and 'government services' that are supposed to protect us, do not at all, and it is now down to PEOPLE POWER to topple this crook. Neither Chohan or Adam Covell who is reportedly UKCIGs CEO and architect do not reply to legal letters, investor letters, emails and Covell appears to be a significant part of this scam, Covell was also linked to Chohans UK company UKLI.

Please bookmark this site, more information will be added going forwards, and to repeat DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES invest into UKCIG or any other company affiliated with it, or that you find associated with Bally Chohan.

Until we, who have been trying to get answers for the past 2 years are contacted by a senior member of UKCIG for a meeting (preferably Bally Chohan or Adam Covell if they have the nerve) and are presented with acceptable answers to our questions about these developments, and provided with legitimate evidence to where our money is and what we expect in return, we maintain that these projects will NOT materialise and we will continue to demand the return of all of OUR funds. UKCIG appears to be an extremely complexed scam masterminded by one individual (Chohan) who has not yet been stopped and run by a team of many who relocate periodically to start new companies so they can continue their systematic theft from innocent people while being protected by the (non-existent) laws and corrupt systems of the company's relevant localities.

If you have also invested in one of UKCIGs, UKLIs or other Chohan companies projects and are not yet known to us in the forums please email us through the contact link.  Justice can only prevail with larger numbers, and UKCIGs cruel, fraudulent and erroneous activities must be stopped before more individuals part with large sums of money having been romanced with false promises of dream investments and large yields.


Notice: We are aware that there is more than one Baljinder/Bally Chohan, this website is directed soley towards the individual who is involved in repetitive international fraud activities and does not in anyway reflect the characters of other individuals of the same name.